Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thoda emotions Thoda filmy

I am not that filmy. But one thing for sure, if I start with one, I can never leave it in middle. In fact there isn't even one film that is half-watched. Wait a minute there is one, Krishh (I guess you know the reason). Even though our Bollywood films have been the sames love triangle stories, there are many flicks that are worth watching more then once.

Here are few scenes that left back an impression. I am categorizing them by emotions.

I am not scenic but don't know why but one scene that really touched me was the climax of 'Tere naam' when Radhe (Salmaan Khan) returns to the asylum after finding the death of Nirjara (Bhumika Chavla). I couldn't recollect any love/romantic scene good enough to refer here.

Craziness to win love
One shot that I brings smile to my face is the scene in Deewana Mastaana when Juhi is playing tennis and both Anil Kapoor and Govinda arrive in court to cheer her, and that's when they confront each other. And then comes the burst of dialogues.

If I could change one ending, then it would be of Mukaddar ka sikandar. I am not a die hard fan of Amitabh Bacchan who couldn't see him cry but I definitely feel bad the way he is dejected by Rakhi. Somehow I couldn't take it. Bechara.

Remember Tanhayee song from Dil chahta hai ? The picturization and The Perfectionist Amir's acting makes you stand there in Akash's shoes weeping over Shalini's loss. Kudos to Sonu Nigam for another perfect aspect of Dil chahta hai, Tanhayee.

Don't know how many have seen Arth, but the scene when Shabana Azmi meets depressed Smita Patil is what is called the excellence.

Only only one scene that pops in my mind with the word fear is the Spider walk from film The Exorcist. While I was in Holland, one of my colleagues mentioned it to me and the same night, I thought of watching it. That scene of few seconds sank fear down my body. I can't express how terrified I was that night alone in an empty house in alien country.

So these were few scenes from my very limited collection. I couldn't recollect any scene for Hatred & Revenge.

What about you ? Are you a movie buff ? Any scenes that you could relate here ?


  1. Awesome! Somme of those scenes are iconic, and you've matched them well, Megha. :)

  2. Not much of those
    although Arth is good

    But....Have u seen Godfather, or a Spanish movie called 'Nobody's Perfect', or one of my personal favorite 'The Last Samurai'(because it shows the best way a brave man can die while not compromising his ideals) and there are many more...

  3. Love: You should see 'August Rush', The Notebook
    Hatred: Adolf Hitler- Rise of Evil

  4. @Sumit
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yea I have seen Godfather, Al Pacino looks so smart :) the film & the book is just riveting.

    I have heard about August Rush, i think i should watch it. I have seen Adolf Hitler, I think the name is now considered as synonym for hatred.

    Why not have a post of fav scenes from all of you. What do you say ?

  5. I haven't seen most of the movies you mentioned, except Dil Chahta Hai. I'll get back to this post later when I think of movies.

  6. @mia999
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. keen to know what would be your favorites.

  7. Thanks Megha! :)

    Love: A walk to remember. This is the only movie that comes to my mind.

    Sad/Depression: The candle vigil scene in Rang De Basanti.

  8. @mia999
    Hadn't watched A walk to remember. Yes Rang de Basanti is also a good movie.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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