Thursday, October 01, 2009

Deadly shayari

I have been watching the season 2 of "Entertainment ke liye (Aur) bhi kuch karega". Those who watch the show might know that after every performance, the judges Anu Malik & Farah Khan give their priceless comments. Anu Malik's comments are always his so-called shayaris (Thank God he doesn't sing on the show).

I have never heard a sensible one from him, but one yesterday he broke all records, and afflicted with most drastic shayari of his lot. It was a performance of twin brothers (two) who did their zatka matkas from Judwaa film. And now hold your breath, it's time for Anu Malik's shayari. Here it is -

Cake se bana anda
Anda se bana Cake
Tum dono ho asli
Koi nahi hai fake

Now tell me, isn't this deadliest ? Do you have one that can break this ?


  1. That is the reason I am not fond of idiot box and operas that it shows

  2. @Tarun
    Yea, and in spite of all the silliness, I watch it. I am addicted :(

    But you know few acts are really good. I watch for them.

  3. And you call smoking as an addiction!

    Jst kidding

    During this period I also watched a lot of TV, and believe me I have gotten sick of seeing repeated stuff again and again

  4. @Tarun
    You see I thought of asking how in the name of God did you managed doing nothing these days, but refrained myself, after thinking about the backlash on that smoking post.

    I really couldn't understand your reaction on smoking. Were you upset with my comment ?

  5. Upset! nah

    Honestly no.

    Why should I be upset of someone airing her honest views. :)

    But the thing is that smoking is one of the less understood habit in the world. I have seen and faced being marginalized for smoking. This never going to end smoking. People usually smoke when they are depressed or they are low. But a if you really want to end this 'menace' just gently ask the smoker not to smoke. Be fair but be firm and see.

    Again I am not angry or mad or upset...only my tummy is...

  6. @Tarun
    Glad to read that..I never marginalize, actually nobody in my family and closed ones smoke, so just wanted to know the psychology. I believe in Live and let live.

    Take care of yourself and your TUMMY :) And don't neglect health. That's what you did, you should thank your uncle who forced you to see doctor.

  7. rear side of a Truck has better
    Chalti hai gadi
    udti hai dhool
    haseena ke joode me
    gulab ka phool :P

  8. @Anirudh
    hehe....this one's hilarious....


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