Sunday, October 11, 2009


A guy hitchhikes to Alaska in his search of his "Alaskan Odyssey", a dream to stay off-civilization all on his own, stays there for long and when decides to get back to civilization, to share experience, the happiness with others, gets trapped in the wild and dies of starvation.

Just finished reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. And witnessed what it means to abandon everything to live a new life, life to identify oneself, test one's caliber, a guy Christopher McCandless does it all but couldn't make it back. As he went after dream, under hubris, he made some mistakes that consequenced in his death. We may have plans but Nature has it's own. What we think may be overturned by nature, we have to follow it's course, understand its starkness, understand the survival. But what is commendable about this guy is he took the decision, and lived the decision. Tough he made mistakes, his naivete, unluck, cost his life.

I finished reading the book at 2 a.m. While everyone was asleep, I was on the last pages, reading the death of McCandless, how he got short of food, ate left over seeds, got poisoned, realized his death so close, wrote a note and passed out, never to return. Before sleeping I made a mistake of having a look at the famished photograph that he took with his camera. I couldn't sleep for another hour.

This book is really good, but the philosophies & McCandless way of living life and decisions may not go well with many. I would say why do we judge any person, just try to understand him, there may be a reason...


  1. Into the Wild - an interesting tale, and one that tells us to avoid hubris and possibly also that Nature can only be temporarily beaten back. One can't vanquish it, I guess.

  2. hmm.....It all depends on human nature and nature few can live on it and few can live off it. But live we must

  3. @Sumit & Tarun
    Yes, it's an interesting tale. It also throws some light on cryptic human mind, relationships. And off course tells us a lot about Alaskan life.

  4. you are right there..and that is what i always think..there must be a reason...that people behave the way they do

  5. @Anirudh
    Yes, People often seem to be judgmental. And for many being different is a crime :(


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