Friday, July 10, 2009

The vending machine

080402_GreenTea_vl-vertical There was a time when I was excessive coffee drinker. Being in IT, like many, I used to have frequent rounds to the vending machine. Apart from the drooling meetings, I think the next thing that a software professional is battered with is the machine coffee. Of Course the former is burdened on you, while coffee is on your choice. While some don't know how excessive coffee mis-works on your body, some continue even while knowing, coz they are too addicted to abandon it, you see ?

Even I used to think it's impossible for me to give up coffee. But one unusual day, I thought of trying other options maybe the Masala tea. Well I liked it at once, and in no time it took coffee's place. It was great indeed that I would be drinking less caffeine, but it then again it wasn't much different and I started having acidity problems, which is when I realized that it's not the coffee or the Masala tea, who is creating the problem, but it's my excessive drinking of these.  But I was helpless. Even though I am quite stubborn (others say), this addiction had completely overcome'd me.

It was when I was in abroad few months ago, that I was freed from this addiction. The vending machine served Tea without milk and the Coffee was too bitter for me, even after max sugar selection. Well thankful to whoever was setting the machine, I stopped drinking vending machine's tea/coffee.
Now that I have lesser visits to the vending machine, my newly found liking is the Brooke Bond tea bags.

P.S :
Europeans drink bitter coffee, I wonder how. All of us (Indians) were facing same problem. Cant drink tea or coffee. How pathetic. I couldn't believe when I think how sometimes we used to have tomato soup and chocolate milk from the vending machine.  Its happy to be back to India.


  1. haha...I know, it even tastes good.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  2. no kiddin...
    masala tea.. my stomach is burning!!!

  3. Excess of anything is bad....tea*, coffee, alcohol, cigarette and
    so better take control.

    *I start my day and end my day with a cuppa of black tea, and in between it can be 2-10 cups or even more plus one ciggy....a confession from an apparent preacher

  4. It's my daily ritual..i make my own tea laced with 'velchi'...but keep it to just once a day. No addictions for me :-) Thankfully, i hate the taste of coffee.

  5. @AD
    Yea its good, but not that good, u see...

    I thought i am bad enough at that, but your 2-10 cups are already making me dizzzy....

    Yea, at home even I like ginger tea...really good ha..

  6. vending machine coffee is nasty nasty nasty... hurrah for being weened off it!

  7. Thanks Karen(Understanding Alice) fr stopping by and commenting. Definitely it is nasty :(

  8. switch to clear water works wonders

  9. @ami_aset
    Thanks for reading and commenting :)

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