Monday, July 13, 2009

New TV Shows on air

Some good news is in the store. I see something new coming up on air. One is "Is jungle se mujhe bachao" and other "Sach ka samna".

I don't really favor reality shows, but this time with "Is jungle se.." I am expecting to see a different show altogether. Some great cinematography from rain forests of Malaysia, where things are not just normal, extreme climate and also some exotic animals and greens. What turns me down are the contestants. While there are some good spunky contestants like Chetan Hansraj, few like Shweta Tiwari who always have something to jabber nonsense, whom I just can tolerate for long.

I don't have much idea about "Sach ka samna", but it too seems to on different story line. I am not much into it, but I am really looking forward to seeing "Is jungle se...". Hope they keep it REAL.


  1. I just say a bit of 'Is jungle' while having dinner. If you ask me, then ladies bitching about each other right from the word 'GO' isn't my cup of tea. could you do this ? You missed out 'Rakhi ka Swayamwar' :-P

  2. I know, not all can bear that itchy stuff. I am the only person at my home who is interested.

    Actually this show turned out different than I expected. It's similar to Big Boss, I thought it would just be stunts.
    Now one has to watch the stupid comments and bitching from the contestants.


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