Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Monsoon Bite - Adventure in train

While the monsoon is not yet in it's full force, the Mumbai railways have already got hit. And I had to taste the reality bites.

That day the train arrived and I got a window seat, which was quite fortunate coz the train was almost 45 minutes late and the crowd had multiplied three times. One reason for me to get in safely was that my station is close to the main station. I knew the situation would get worse with every coming station.

Sitting at the window seat just next to the door, I had complete view of the struggle at the door. Initially I was having a good time, watching the shouts, curses, the pushing and pulling. Believe me, you can see a completely different avatar of a person, while in crowd. And it's interesting, sometimes. But as with every stations, with worsening condition, my fun was transforming into fear. I was worried, and praying for safety of the commuters and hoped for no accidents. Whenever it horned, people on the platform got crazy, pushing and yelling at those standing at the door. The train was already too late and if they miss this one, nobody had a clue what when would the next train will come and the crowd might just double. With this, everyone was trying her best to get in, some were dangling, bringing jitters to those watching, including me.

Three stations more and then I had to get down. So I started towards the door, just to find out that people were not able to get down from past 3 stations, so a whole lot wanted to get down. 2 stations passed but the lady in front of me didn't even move because of the rush. It was certain that everyone will have to get down at the last station. But still there was a hope. When my station was approaching, some lady shouted 'Get down everyone', which brought some boost and smile to faces. 'All the best', I wished ladies around me and readied myself mentally.

Till that moment I was in my senses. After that was a battle. A battle where you have no control. The train stopped. There were only yelling and pushing. 'get down' was echoed everywhere. Everyone was trying, pushing, but one was just where she was. There was pain with the pushing, bags, elbows, umbrellas hurting me. But one just have to suffer in pain. I felt so lost. At that moment, I forgot everything, my world was just a fight, To get down. Few seconds passed, we thought, gone, there is no chance we could get down.

Few more seconds, I found myself at the door edge, I saw ladies packed down. I have to get down now. But what if the train starts. I cannot maneuver in moving train. I was terrified by the thought of accident. My heart was beating hard. A big push and a hole lot was thrown out. I was out of the train, but mys legs were weak with fear. Every face on the platform displayed fear, so did mine. I moved out in space to grab myself. Somebody patted my back. 'So you finally got down'. It was the same lady next to me in the train. After the train stopped, everyone around me were just like objects, which I had to push to find my way out, but now they were now back as Humans. The incident brought me closer to my inner self, closer to fear.

Once a bystander, I was now the sufferer.

'Yes' I replied to the lady. We smiled and walked our ways, realizing 'That's the way Life works'.

* I travel in ladies compartment.


  1. Thanks Megha
    Regards Megha ;)

  2. ok that was scary!
    like really!

  3. ya I know. I would never ever forget it. I don't want to, actually ;)

  4. Came across your post on BlogAdda's Tangy Tuesday picks.

    Very funny stuff indeed :)

  5. That was a funny post... for sure.

    P.S. Congrats! Came across your blog on BlogAdda's Tangy Tuesday picks. Great going!

  6. @theishu Roshmi
    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  7. Came across your blog at BlogAdda. Congratulations on being the Tangy Tuesday pick!

    I can totally relate to your post. Local trains. Phew! Loved the way you have described the whole scene. Really nicely done.

    I have a blog too! Visit someime.


  8. Thanks !!
    All train travelers have many stories to tell, isn't it ? And they are endless...I enjoy them :)

    Welcome to my blog :)

  9. Now that was scary to someone who has never been on a Mumbao local train.

  10. @Mridula
    lol...hope I haven't scared to the height that you would never board any Mumbai local :D

  11. beautifully captured :)
    Ladies compartment also has this problem??
    you captured a very routine activity very well :)

  12. @ani_aset
    Thanks :) We are so used to these things that it has become a part of our life. Isn't it ?

    Ladies compartment is so small. It's bound to get crowded. Thankfully I travel in opposite direction. So I travel comfortably. It was that day the trains were too late and got to taste the bitter part of traveling.

  13. Wow.. if this was the scene of travelling in the opposite direction, imagine the plight of people travelling in the other direction.


  14. Thanks Jyoti for reading.
    I know, I can't imagine what that might have been.


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