Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interesting : Photography

I have been following National Geographic for it's mesmerizing photos. Came across best of 2008 assorted. It's one of the best source for tips and learning. Thought of sharing with you all.

Lately while searching jewelry box, I came across my mom's nose ring. This is traditional nose ring, we call it as Nath in Maharashtrian tradition. I saw it and knew I have to click it. Click to go to main picture.


For those interested in more pics by me, you can visit my Photoblog "Let me click!!"


  1. i have always been a jewel theif and i lovve this :D

  2. this photo is really beautiful. the green and red shows up beautifully against the white background.

    my grandmother has one exactly like this one, all those memories of weddings and pujas when she wore it just came flooding back!! :)

  3. @AD
    Yes, whenever I ransack the old jewelry box, even the old things seems so interesting :)

    Good that the pic brought your sweet memories back.

  4. good job..can you tell me how you clicked that nath with white background

  5. @ani_aset
    The white background is my room floor. Marbonite, works well with photograph. Experiment with it and white balance really gives nice effect.


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