Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Brave

Tricolor The cell was filled with darkness. From somewhere high up, the sunlight crawled down between the bars of the small window. In the corner was the fighter lying bruised.

Every drop of the blood flowing out of his body clamored for freedom of his country. They had tried their best to patronize him for the whereabouts of his co freedom fighters.

But now knew their torture had weakened just his body but not his will. Tired, they looked at him, helpless, as he lay wounded, uttering "Vande Mataram".

*Vande Mataram was the cry of the nation for freedom from British rule in India, during the freedom movement. My tribute to those Heros who fought and lost their life in the battle against British Raj. It's their sacrifice that we now stand free.

Written for Three Words Wednesday. Prompt:Darkness Patronize weaken.

Vande Mataram!!


  1. Good one,I liked the way you write.

    But are we really free...

  2. A lot is sacrificed for freedom. I learned a history lesson today. I didn't realize that!

    Nicely done

  3. I like the blood clamoring for freedom. Good way of putting it!

  4. Wonderful and powerful. A very good read :) Nice job with this prompt.

  5. hard to imagine what a soldier goes through but your words certainly brought out their brave fight

  6. A very moving piece... timely too? :)

  7. A wonderfully written tribute to the strong and brave!

  8. i'd read the phrase years ago, when i was obsessed with the great mutiny.

    nice take on the subject.

  9. valiant courage to save the others through his sacrifice, while at the same time paving the way for freedom.

  10. @Americanising Desi,
    @quin browne,
    @Just someone,
    @Linda Jacobs
    @Tarun Mitra
    Thank you all for reading and commenting.

  11. @lissa
    Very true Lissa. We can't even imagine the torture that they undergo. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  12. @pjd
    Yes. They should be our inspiration for courage and perseverance. But how much we care now :(

  13. I dont know if patronize is the right word :(
    i maybe wrong

  14. @ani_aset
    Here patronize means to bring to one's side/influence.

  15. @Stan Ski
    You said it...need for today

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  16. Thanks Gautami for stopping by.


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