Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She needs a messenger

She was very nervous. After much thinking, she'd take the decision to pass the letter to Sid. 
The best way was through books, she decided when she couldn't think of any other way.
She was too shy to tell him face to face. She was afraid she might blunder.

She collected the class notes that she used to borrow from Sid, which gave her reasons to talk to him.
She slipped the letter in one of the notebooks. 

"Hi, Where are you going, Reena ?" called Neha, the chatterbox, from behind. 
"To Sid, to return his notes", she told her, fearing of the nervousness in her voice.
"Ohh Great! Do you have his Economics notes ? Hmm...Let me see.." as she picked up couple of notebooks.

Reena's eyes widened. Neha was infamous for her gossiping which led her nickname BBC. 
I am caught, the news is going to spread like forest fire, she foresighted. The trajectory of the news from Neha to friends and then to Sid painted before her eyes. 
How stupid she looked in the painting watching Sid looking her. She couldn't decide what his face expressed? Was he angry or Was he happy ?

Neha shook her. "Hey Alice in wonderland. I am taking this note. Tell Sid I'll return later" she said waving the book as she left.

Reena murmured curses at Neha. "Now what to do. I am dead now ?" She kept the books down at the steps. And started searching the letter. Fortunately she found it.
She sighed, loud enough to attract those around. She smiled at them, turned around back towards home, deciding that she would return the books next day, with a fresh new start....

Written for Three Words Wednesday : Prompt - Bicker Nervous Trajectory, I used latter two in the post.


  1. Great twist of a tale. I like that she found the note.

  2. @BlueMist ThomG
    Thanks :) keep reading!

  3. BBC...I like it; a new word for a gossip. to "Americanize" it.

  4. glad she found the note and was able to approach him in her own way.
    Happy 3WW!

  5. @life without clots
    Yea...BBC says it all...

    @Daily Panic
    Thanks for reading :)

  6. I'm glad she found the note, but hate she lost her nerve!

  7. Phew, it just shows how much you need to think before taking a decision.

    Niceley thought through.

  8. For sure, tomorrow's a fresh start - good tale...

  9. @Angel
    No problem, she's optimistic ;) Thanks for reading :)

    @Andy Sewina
    Thanks for appreciating.

    Thanks for reading

  10. Peer pressure is a powerful thing! You outlined her internal struggles very well, indeed!

  11. I liked this: "The trajectory of the news from Neha to friends and then to Sid painted before her eyes" very vivid for me! good story, had my heart pounding for her! -Meg

  12. After reading the story, I re-read the title and it made me smile. Yes, she could use a messenger, but not that one. Good thing she found the note.

  13. @Michaelo Meg Ann one_more_believer
    Thanks for appreciating. Keep reading!!

  14. BBC!! That termed reminded me of my college days as well :) ! Glad that she found the note :) . Waiting to read what happened after that. Who will be the messenger??

  15. Hate to be unoriginal but the BBC made me laugh. We listened to it regularly.

  16. @Susan
    Thanks for reading :)

  17. @Harish
    Thanks for reading. I have not thought of writing the next chapter. But let's see! maybe i could come up with something :)

    Keep visiting!


  19. @Gautami

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