Monday, May 18, 2009

Horror is my favorite genre

As I watch a horror film
from gaps of my fingers

My eyes widen
and I get jitters

Somehow I complete the film
and Thank God it's over

But that's the start of the fear
As the horrible faces before my eyes hover

I try to think of some pleasant things
But I feel disconnected

The only thing I feel connected to
Are the darkness and sounds netted

Oh Why did I watch that film ?
I always question in the last

But next time I see any horror film running
I am again ready for the jitters, ready to watch it aghast!!

Written for Sunday Scribbling : Disconnected


  1. i also get the heebie jeebies from horror movies. not my favorite genre :P

  2. Horror movies are not my cup of tea - probably because of the very words you've written! Excellent imagery - nicely done...

  3. Awe the loveliness of the grotesque. I am not a fan. My mind creates enough horror of its own. I leave them for you to enjoy. I will wait and enjoy your poetry. I did like that.

  4. @Floreta
    :) true..actually me too...but still cant resist watching another one :)

    Thanks! yea, sometimes I watch only half of the movie skipping the scary scenes with closed eyes :D

    @Old Grizz
    I like horror but not the evil death type where you feel more yucky than scary.

  5. i choke at the thought of horrow movies :(

  6. Do the characters ever come up in your dreams???


  7. @As the Mind Meanders
    Who sleeps after watching the movie?


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