Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Conqueror

With faces red and sweaty hair, they looked dreary in the heat
Playing cricket, kids were never so gloomy, with its heat, sun was celebrating its feat

Throwing bat away, he said, he's exhausted, As if empty, the bowler too slumped
They cursed the sun, and the heat, Under the tree, they lied dumped

Suddenly, there were sudden change in climate, bright yellow sky started turning gray
The sun seemed loosing it power, while the clouds confined the sun in cage

In no time, there were dark clouds all around, in a while
The timid faces, with heads down, now glowed into smiles

The first showers were out on the street
Winds spreading the dust and blowing the heat

The sweet smell of the mud spread around
Feeling of something lost was now found

Happily, the kids ran on the street, embracing the shower
Thanking God, singing and dancing, looking at the clouds hover

In no time, everything was wet, ground, trees and the leaves
Smiles and Cheers everywhere, everyone was pleased

Bidding Goodbye to the sun, very soon,
They all cried, "Bye Bye Summer!! Happy Monsoon!!"

Written for Three Words Wednesday : Prompt - Dreary Embrace Timid


  1. Wow cultural difference!!!!!

    I can't imagine bidding goodbye to the sun--but it rains often here

  2. I like the fact that there's the cultural difference at play here. Lets me know a different culture, a world away. Your writing here did just that. I felt, for a moment, transported - and I could smell the sweetness of the mud.

  3. Dear LIABOC,

    Very fine piece.

    I miss the relief of monsoon striking and wiping out fatigue, releasing the sweet swells, and new life, from the overpowering baking heat of sky and the heavens. You brought my Chennai memories of monsoon back. Thank you.

    I was just in your neck of the woods. Maybe I should do a series on street kids playing cricket in India. I met some great kids in Nagpur that let me join in their game. That was pre-monsoon. Pre-release.

    Great submission.


  4. ahhhhh!! I felt the sweet relief from the heat! -Meg

  5. I can't imagine wanting the sun to go away but, I understand there's a strong need for rain to replenish things the sun has dried up. I love how you described the monsoon here. I can easily picture children playing in the mud created by the monsoon. Well done. Have a nice day.

  6. i really loved this !! more coz its raining here right now :)

  7. a great tribute to the seasons!

  8. Great flow of energy and the role of water - nice work!

  9. Phew, we pray for rain here too, We pray that it'll stop!!

    Nicely thought out post!

  10. what thom and pia said. Also, I really like the rich description and strong language in the first two paragraphs.

  11. @pia
    In India, we have three seasons in a year
    Summer Rainy and Winter.......monsoon is my favorite :)

    Thanks for reading and are right, its fun to get to know about other cultures

    @Sepiru Chris
    Thanks!! Chennai is hotter than Mumbai...I can understand how good it feels to feel the first rain

    Thanks for reading and appreaciating.

    @Michelle Johnson
    Thanks! Ya I understand, I have been to Netherlands and European really love the Sun. But things are different here :)

    @Pretty me
    Thanks! Keep reading :) Me waiting for the rain


    Thanks for reading and appreaciating.

    @Andy Sewina
    Thanks! haha..hope the clouds fly here

    Me too praying for the rains

    Thanks for reading and appreaciating.

  12. Lovely, and I like the way this illustrates that rain is, after all, life giving, while too often looked at as an inconvenience.

  13. what a wonderful hard hitting prompt!!

    wonderful web of words !!!

  14. @Hal Johnson
    Thanks for appreciating :)

    Thanks! Really the prompt is stimulating


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