Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wounded Pet

The car sped away recklessly. In the silence of the night, she could only hear the sound of the speeding car and the piercing cries of Tommy. Her temper changing, she ran towards her wounded dog ambivalent, curses for the driver, but solitude for Tommy. With tearful eyes, she dialed the veterinary. In the dark night, in the void, she sat, cajoling her dear pet, praying for the doctor to reach soon...

Written for Three Words Wednesday. Words - Cajole Reckless Temper


  1. If your purpose was to make the reader cry; you've succeeded.

  2. I read this three times - looking for recluse- but I see you used reckless instead. good writing.

  3. @Tumblewords
    Thanks for reading!

    Please don't cry ;) Thanks for reading!

    @Daily Panic
    Ohh...true...a blooper :( ...
    thanks for reading.

    Thanks for reading.

    Keep visiting.


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