Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When eyes lie..

welling-with-tears Sitting at my study table, I tried to calm myself. But the more I tried, the more I got restless. Thoughts kept churning on my mind. I have never thought one dreadful day, I'll kill my own brother.But I have never thought that my own brother would kill my father. How could he kill my father, the same man who had changed his life from a orphan to a well educated doctor. He was always my idol. But all his love and care for me and dad was not genuine. He faked it ? Just for money?

When I rambled to the ICU, I was sure that my brother who was handling my dad's case, will be the best doctor for my dad. I was assured. Until what I saw from the glass opening of the ICU room door. He pulled out the oxygen mask from my fathers face and stood there. I couldn't understand what was happening. I didn't knew it was an attempt of murder. Hastily, as I knocked the door, he opened the door. The mask was in place. "You have to be strong. I am sorry. He is no more" said my sly brother unconscionably. I stood there crying over my father's still body.

Opening the drawer, I ascertained the gun was there, hidden under the books. The plan is in place. I don't know what would happen of me. I am just 16. But I will avenge my father's death. Above the books, there was a letter folded. I picked it and opened to read. It was by brother's writing.

"I know you couldn't get over dad's death. It's painful for me too. But you should know the truth. I wanted to tell you personally, but you have been very depressed, so thought I should wait. But now its the time. Dad always treated me as his own son. He never thought any difference between you and me. He was a brave man. But he was very ill and had already lost the will to live. He wanted to get rid of the incessant pain that he was suffering. I knew what he was going through. Maybe that's why he chose me to do the sin. Sin to kill my own father. I never wanted it, But the pain in his eyes only pleaded for a favor, favor that was sin for a son. A mercy-killing. I had to do it, for his sake. You are too young to understand. But you should know. I am sorry"

I was shocked. Wiping the sweat, I turned around. He was standing at the door, with tearful red eyes. Running towards him, I hugged him tightly. I realized I didn't want to loose him. Sometimes our vision fails to understand the reality.


  1. Wow! I didn't expect that. Fiction I hope. Very nicely done

  2. your best so far :) and a complete story for once ! congrats :)

  3. @Pia savage
    Thanks! Yes its fiction. Keep reading

    Thanks. This time its a complete story ;) must be surprised right ? ;) Keep reading

  4. This choked me up at the end...I felt the emotions very strongly. Great read!

  5. Strong in emotion. The story moves very well from start to finish. One of the best I've read from you.

  6. Excellent - powerful and well done!

  7. Goes to show people need all the facts before making a decision! Nice work!

  8. @Fledging Poet
    Thanks. I'll try to keep it interesting. Keep reading

    Thanks. This is the fastest post i have written. Good to hear that it proved to be my best. Keep reading.

    Thanks for those encouraging words. Keep reading.

    You are right. We cannot take important in haste

  9. You touched a chord here!! it was so touching ,,,

  10. @Pretty Me!!
    Thanks. Keep reading :)

  11. nicely done! look forward to seeing more. :)

  12. Awesome....after reading first para...i thght i am reading abt u :P...keep it up :)

  13. @Impudence
    Thanks! Will try to post more soon

    @Hopeless Romantic
    Thanks! Will try to keep it interesting

    @Sepiru Chris
    Thanks! Keep Reading :)

  14. Nicely done. A good twist in the end. I like your blog very much. I will be following you. And I will post this on my sidebar as one of the best posts to read for March written by other bloggers.

  15. @Rebecca
    Thanks for your comments and those encouraging words. I have went through your blogs while reading for SundayScribblings.
    I have reciprocated, me following you :)
    Keep visiting!

  16. hey ws reali thought-provoking... u r thoughtful... ws nice reading :)...

  17. Thanks Nivedita for those encouraging words.

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