Something to listen…Music, best stress buster

My stress buster is Music and Sleep.

Both refreshes my mind! I don't follow a particular music genre. What I listen totally depends on my mood at that time.

I would like to share some of my Favorites songs.


raaz2 lifeinametro Meenaxi md_kismat_konnection 

1. Baatein kuch an kahisi…(Hindi film – Life in a Metro)

2. Ye Rishta kya kehlata hai…(Hindi film – Meenaxi)

3. Soniyo…(Bollywood Film – Raaz)

4. Is This Love - Kahin Na Laage…(Bollywood Film – Kismat Konnection)

5. Bakhuda Tumhi Ho…(Bollywood Film – Kismat Konnection)


  1. i like In dino from Life in a metro more than any other sound track from this movie :)...n soniyo is my fav right nw along with Genda Phool n emotional atyachar :)

  2. @Amit
    Yes...I like all songs of Metro, also the fanfanaa. Emotional atyachar is very original, i had never heard anything like that song before.

  3. yeah..all great songs...but how come no AR Rahman ?? My all time favourite :

  4. @Whiteopal
    Yea, even I like A R Rehman's songs :)
    Lagaan,Swades... Meenaxi is of AR Rehamn's composition which i have added...

  5. Nice blog. Great header. Your comment area surely needs improvement. I'm glad to help if you need.


  6. Oh ! I think Meenaxi also has the weird song 'chinnama chilkamma zhulu zhulu zhulu'

  7. @vjkrishna
    Thanks. My blog is open for critics and suggestions. I have sent you a mail through your contact option. Please check.

  8. @Whiteopal
    Yes, It does have. But I don't like. I find it more of a noise than a song.

  9. Megha!

    For some reason, I have not received your email!

    You can send your mail to

    Glad to help.

  10. Thanks Krishna for the help! Keep reading. More critics and suggestions are welcome.


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