Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the day of Colours!

I locked the door and instructed mom to tell any visitor who asks for me that I am off to aunt's place. It was a trick to keep away the colors.

The bell rang. I signaled mom that I would be in the kitchen, just in case they try to hunt me down. Some sounds were heard. Few seconds later she came to me. "Who's Priya ? She is here to wish you Happy Holi!" she said with a teasing smile. "Priya? Wow, she came here to wish me Holi greetings!".

Blushing and grooming my hair, I reached the door. I opened it.. And splash! "Happy Holi ! Priya ? See how we got you out of the hiding!" And a loud laugh. Some more splashes of coloured water on me. Coloured hands were reached my face. Somebody pulled my legs and I was down on the floor.. Some more splases and colors. Laughing, I got up and made a counter attack on my friends. I managed to get them down to the floor. I was enjoying every bit of it. At the door, my mom was smiling, enjoying. I reached to color bag and attacked her and took revenge. Somebody switched on the music. And were started dancing, colored, drenched, face unrecognizable, like Crazy!

Happy Holi!


  1. happy holi to you too :-) looks like you had a good time.

  2. @Captainmolecule
    Thanks! Actually its a fiction.But I like this fstival. I don't play Holi, I just watch. My sis does play, but she doesn't hide, she just bounces out and attack everyone. But I enjoy the moments when people resist and then give up and get involved in the game... How about you ? Did you play Holi ?


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