Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost but not found...

Oh my dear,
My life's so haywire without you..
You were so important to me, didn't I knew..
Now, I feel, I lost everything with you..
We were together for three years..
And now you are gone, I am under fear..

I thought you would would return..
But you didn't, I should take care, Why don't I learn..
I searched for you,every place, every hub..
Now I am sure, everyone should have a backup..
But now I don't see any signs of your coming..
So now its time to forget you and get going..
Now I am looking for New One..
This time an Advance one..
A brand new Mobile..

I lost my dear mobile, I have already misplaced it many times before, but this time its lost :(
This time I am planning to by an affordable PDA. Let's see...


  1. lol...nice poem. Get a iphone. Don't bother with htc. It has windows based OS -which is like saying 'Welcome Viruses'

  2. This is the second time...am not good at protecting it seems...neways planning to buy a smartphone..but I have budget till 15000-16000 Rs only. iPhone would be around 20000Rs, out of budget. You have any recommendations ?

  3. since you want a pda, in 15000-16000 range, i guess you'll be left with just HTC. Actually it is a good phone,as long as you don't start using its net to download things onto it. Check this : http://www.htc.com/in/product.aspx

    Motorola Motoming is around 18000...but check the price out.
    Sony Ericsson is particularly interesting. Check these out. Not sure about their prices :


  4. I am planning to buy E63...

  5. lol.....nice one.....u change d direction in d end...twist in d tale! nice...

  6. Thanks Nivedita for reading and appreciating :)

    Well to update, finally i bought HTC VIVA.


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