He knows everything…

The speeding Merc entered the palm grooves. It came to halt with the screeching sound. The frightened driver grabbed the cigarette packet and stepped out. His had shivered as he lit the cigarette. The place was deserted, which he appreciated.

It was a big accident. Even their bike was speeding, not completely my fault. Who will believe me. But they were hit bad, almost thrown away, impossible to survive the accident. What I was suppose to do? Take them to hospital ? ………..they hit to the right of the car.

He reached to the right of the car. He bent down to his knees to see the damage. The scratches and bump was prominent with few tinges of red. His heart was pounding. With hands in hair, he stared at it.

Just ahead, he saw feet, surprisingly they were glowing. His eyes ran down to top. A mysteries man with a glow stood. A book with a feather was floating before him. Is this a dream ? he couldn't believe. The man was not ordinary.

Who are you ?

I am Chitragupt*, I have come from heaven. I came to write what you just did. People think they can hide their sins and nobody can find out, but they forget that nothing is hidden from God.

Your Deeds decide your destiny!! , he said as he vanished….


*Chitragupta (Sanskrit: चित्रगुप्त, rich in secrets) is a Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth, and upon their death, deciding as regards sending them to the heaven or the hell, depending on their actions on the earth.

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt #155 - "I come from..."


  1. wow that a different take on the SS topic! thank you

  2. interesting take on the prompt! i love this peak into conscience... i wrote something similar (in its own way). and yes, hit and run... definite no no!

  3. How silly of him to think he could get away with it! :) Excellent take on the prompt - enjoyed reading this.

  4. That was something different for sure :)....but i would have preferred it to be extended..yeh dil maange more :)

  5. @Floreta, Tumblewords,Amit
    Thanks for reading!

  6. Megha

    Nice blog. Why don't you display the post date below the post title? Or you left it like that intentionally?

  7. Hey ! New theme ? Nice... :)
    And the story is as creative as always !

  8. Phew! how true, your deeds decide your destiny!!

  9. @VjKrishna
    Thanks. Yea I want to, tried to get it but in vain, actually the settings are not working. Just gave up when nothing worked....would be trying again to get it on blog :( Cannot leave out the date :(

  10. @Whiteopal
    Thanks! Visiting after a long time ? Busy in GRE ? How's your preparation going ?

  11. @Mary
    Thanks for visiting and reading :)

    @Sweet talking guy
    Thanks. Keep visiting :)

  12. Yes...was busy with GRE, but its over now... :) 1500

  13. @Whiteopal
    WOWO..great score ya...Big Congrats!! so whats ahead ?

  14. still trudging through the increasingly ponderous TE..so there's time still :)

  15. @Whiteopal
    Oops!! I should have thought..Great All the best...The GRE scores are valid for 3 years right ?

  16. No...actually they are valid for 5 years. Thanks again! And like if I don't do MS till 26, I might as well not do it at all :)

  17. Ohhk!! 5 years is good enough. MS is a good option for those who want to settle in US!!

  18. hey! when did i say 'settle' ? Just education :)

  19. MS years + Job in US for at least 6-7 years is equivalent to settling there ya :D


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