Friday, March 13, 2009

College Campus: While Returning from College Function

The girls were tired and hungry. They hopped in the bus from college. They had planned to stay at friends rented home. The festival was fun and the girls had enjoyed dancing to the DJ music. It was 10 pm and the bus was almost empty with only few college students returning from the annual college function.

They were whispering about the guys in the bus who had deliberately left the function following the girls. They whispered and giggled. The guys took the backseat from where they could get the view of the girls. Among the guys was Rahul who was famous, rather favorite in the girls group.
The bus stopped. The girls got down. As the bus started, a crumpled paper ball popped out of the bus landing in front of the girls. The girl's group chief signaled to ignore it and just keep walking. The bus sped away. They tried to ignore any look towards the bus.

After confirming the bus was out of sight, they took an about turn and giggling and teasing, they hurried back to the bus stop. The paper ball was still lying as if it was waiting just for them. One of the girl hurried and picked it.

She smoothed it and started reading slowly and slyly, her eyes twinkling, she read the mobile number under Rahul's name. Each looked at each other. Eyes opened wide. Some giggles, Some sighs. Some advised to throw it away. Some recommended to save the number. The chief took the lead. She took the paper. Every eyes on her. With attitude, she took it and saved the number to her mobile.....


  1. u remembered my college days and particularly the farewell day!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. @Meenakshi
    Thanks for reading. Yes, those are the memories that brings back a smile on our face. Keep visiting.


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