Wednesday, March 25, 2009

College Campus : Tug for Rose

"Lets see whom Rohan gives the rose!" bawled one of the two girls. One of Rohan's friend who was in vicinity didn't miss to SMS about the betting to him. Looking at the message Rohan shrugged. "Once again I have to find out a way" he thought. One of the two girls was his childhood friend while other was his good friend-neighbor. The Rose day was coming nearer, the girls were in full force to impress him. One had bought an expensive perfume for him while other had bought a costly wrist watch. Shopping went on.

The Rose day arrived. The two girls were waiting for him in the campus. Hours had passed but Rohan was nowhere to be seem. His mobile was unreachable. Both of them were fuming. In the background, songs were being dedicated and layers and loads gifts were being exchanged. With the gifts in hand, they stood waiting for their dream boy.

"Hi" somebody said from back. He is was one of her classmate. "I have two tickets for the new movie release. If you have time, could you join ?" he asked. She stood in dilemma. She looked at her watch and decided to go with the offer in hand. "Off course" she said and off they were on his bike. She saw her competitor driving away with someone else. She sighed. It was sure Rohan would not come today.

No sooner they were off, Rohan entered campus with his bike. he switched his mobile and gave twinkle a call. "Both the girls were earnestly waiting for you. You know ? Why don't you tell them about us?" she suggested. "Yes I will" he replied, not being reactive.

There was a glow on his face. "Wow Three girls after me! Great. I need to find some good excuse to throw at these girls...Well not so difficult for me." he winked to himself, happy with the achievement.

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt :Layer Earnest Reactive. Used the latter 2 in my writing.


  1. are always the 1st to comment...seems you like reading a lot :)

  2. Hey, lucky him I guess, but it all comes out in the wash, if you get my drift!

  3. This brought me back to times of romantic self-esteem blows to my heart---he was tres cool though - motorcycle and babes what more can you ask for! Thanks for sharing yoru writing with us on 3ww!

  4. A bit of fun and a little sneaky! Good post...

  5. @Sweettalkingguy Amarettogirl Tumblewords
    Thanks! Keep reading! Check out my other post on College Campus(in label) if you like to read more..

  6. Great read...I enjoyed the lightheartedness of this short story.

  7. When you live on the edge, you're bound to get cut eventually...

  8. duh...rohan returns ;-) Naw...most Rohan's are sensible...a bird in hand is... :)

  9. @Fledgling Poet
    Thanks :)

    yea..very true..every dog has its day ;)

    Rohan returns..this time in new avatar..

    to be specific, He's a flirt ;)

    Keep reading :)

  10. Gud one Megha.
    Rohan being like every other college flirt made it more realistic.:D


  11. @HARSHA
    haha... Thanks! I know how guys love being popular among girls...


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