Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The buzzing Mumbai streets


As I was walking from station to my home, somebody was talking very loudly. I looked to my right, and found two girls were too engrossed in chatting. As I walked further, the noise just added, the cars honking badly. I stopped to cross the road. In the absence of any traffic rules,crossing roads in Mumbai too seems a small adventure in itself. I followed the protocol, Look left, Look right and then move (which is one of the rules that are taught in childhood. Another such rule is, Do not talk to strangers!) As I crossed the road, there was sudden burst of laughter and babble. The two girls had joined their group! All of them were talking at the same time.

I pass the street everyday, but for the first time I took a closer look. It was crowded. Some political hoardings with not so attractive faces were up at the light poles. Some guys were sitting on the two-wheelers parked at road-side. Some of them, out for bird-watching while others just to discuss some very important matters like Cricket or the new mobile in market. Some talking endlessly on mobile. Some eating the Pani-puri or Vada paav from the vendors along the road. Group of kids playing cricket in the lane…It is a view of most Mumbai Streets! A part of Mumbai life!


  1. lol about bird watching...but i assure that its a pretty universal phenomenon :) Of all things you write,i like your observations the best !

  2. @whiteopal
    Ya, I know bird watching is universal ;)
    Thanks for the compliment! There is so much to write about Mumbai! I like the spirit of this city :)

  3. Very nicely written!

    Being a Mumbaikar myself, I could easily relate with your observations...

  4. Thanks Parth for reading and commenting.

    These things that happen around are so vivid. A true Mumbaikar life is fast and hectic, but yet joyful.


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