Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Always in wonderland!! – Escape from the train..

Ritu was sitting in the fourth seat of the ladies compartment of the train, with her office bag and other bag with vegetables that she bought before getting into the train. She had to prepare the food once reaching home. It was almost 6.45 pm. It would be 8.00 pm to reach home. She was used to it by now. Every day seemed just the same. Weekends were nothing more exciting. She had to be on her toes as she juggled work and personal life. Closing eyes, she plugged her earphones and increased volume enough to cut-off from the populace around.

The view was beautiful. The sun rays were entering the bathroom through the silky curtains, filling the room with natural tender ambiance. The fish bowl stood on the curved wooden stand. The two Goldfish playing inside. As the rays passed through the fish bowl, the wavering reflection ubiquitous around the room complimented the luxury. She lay there in the tub, as the aroma unwounded her. Lavender was the chosen aroma of the moment as the soothing romantic music was played in the background. What a lavish life, just what she wanted. As she basked in the sumptuous bath, the fish holdout watching her, she felt proud. The fishes were jealous of her…

The dream vanished with the loud horn. It was the train. …Jealous of me ? She laughed to herself. What a wonderful dream, like always. Persuading herself to come out of dream, she got down from the rain. The fact was so different from the dream. The kitchen flashed before her eyes. Come back, she told herself. The other mind still wanting to run back to the dreams. Snapping the maverick mind, she headed towards home, as she felt the burden.

P.S : Ritu is a married working women who is trapped in the home-office-home routine who finds a rescue in her dreams, where she lives the way she wants.

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt : Burden, Ubiquitous, Natural.


  1. Thanks ThomG:)
    Well, this time I found the words simple yet difficult.

  2. Loved the imagery in these words: wavering reflection ubiquitous around the room complimented the luxury. Also reminded me as a full time mother that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

  3. At times, hits close to home:) ... though maybe in different terms... nice piece

  4. @Jacqueline
    Thanks! I myself would love to bask in luxury...


    @Just someone
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  5. Nice post...its good u share thoughts like this :)

  6. @Amit
    Thanks! And I feel good when you'll appreciate :) Keep reading and visiting.

  7. I think we are all probably prone to daydreaming of this sort. A gentle read and I enjoyed it.

  8. Sometimes you have to dream to survive!

  9. Megha,

    Your postscript is superfluous. No worries your narrative and description brought that across and so much more.


  10. I like the way you went from reality to daydream and back again. You didn't explain that she was fantasizing, but that's a good thing because the way you wrote it was very clear.

  11. @Witchmojo
    Yea, true...I myself cant deny. Thanks for reading!

    True....daydream or nigh dreams, we usually see what's hidden in our subconscious mind. Isn't it ?

    @Sepiru Chris
    Thanks. Actually I would be posting more about Ritu's daydreaming as series. PS will bind the posts.

    Thanks for visiting and reading.

    Keep visiting and Happy dreaming :)

  12. Simple yet saying a lot...
    Good show..

  13. @Sudharm Baxi
    Thanks. Keep visiting and reading :)

  14. the scent of lavendar and fish flying what a perfect getaway!

  15. @one more believer
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  16. @Maglomaniac
    Thanks :) Keep reading


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