Sunday, January 25, 2009

A sore memory

She looked at her watch. It was already 6.00 pm. They had decided to meet at 5.00 pm. She had been waiting for almost an hour. He has never been so late. She was fuming with anger. Even if he is stuck in some problem cant he call and tell her that he would be late. Why to keep the cell phone switched off. At least the other person can call if he can’t. She kept cursing him. She was almost talking to herself, and when two three couples passed looking at her, she realized and tried to calm herself. For a moment she also admired Rohit for never been wild when she was late, she always had been.

I would wait for only fifteen minutes more. She told herself.
She realized how impatient she is. She looked at her watch and fifteen minutes had already passed. She decided to wait for another ten minutes. But then decided to leave and swore to pay no heed to any of his excuses he comes up with. He will have to pay for this.

As she got up, her cell phone rang. It was Rohit’s number flashing. So this guy has found time to call. She pushed button and was about to start firing.

Hello”, a voice said from the other end. The voice was not of Rohit. She tried to cool off.
Yes”, she said.
The person continued, “We got Rohit’s driving license and his cell phone from his pocket. Rohit has met and accident. A truck has hit his motorcycle. He is in hospital. Please do not panic”. She stood still, her eyes wide open and tears rolling down her cheeks. She closed her eyes.

She opened eyes. She heart was pounding. She could almost hear her heartbeats. It was dark around. She was wet with sweat. She looked around. She was in her room. It was a dream, an old memory. She switched on the lamp. Rohit was next to her, sleeping like a baby. She took a deep breath. She was waiting for him to return from office. He was very late. After waiting for long, she had gone to sleep. He must have returned when she was sleeping, dreaming.

The accident was a bad memory and they had come a long way. But after so many years the memory was back. But she was not worried. The dream had brought her closer to him. She kept looking at him, smiling, thanking God, asking long life for him.


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