Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scary Nights

I was having my evening tea. As usual the paper is spreaded out, my eyes running down without actual reading. This article caught my attention. It sounded stupid. But when its related to ghost, there's no way i am leaving it without reading.

Here's the article -
Mreenal Deshraj had an eerie experience in a palace in Kolhapur.
Recently Mreenal Deshraj had a spine-chilling experience in a palace in Kolhapur where she was staying during the shoot of Shhh…Phir Koi Hai. Since the show had an eerie theme, the place seemed ideal. Says Mreenal, “I don’t believe in ghosts. I’ve stayed alone in Mumbai for a very long time now. And incidentally I was playing a ghost in the show as well,” she tells us. It was a 20-day shoot at the place. For 19 days she stayed in one room of the palace hotel with no problems whatsoever.
But on the last day Mreenal shifted to another room. “At around 4.30 in the morning, I was trying to sleep when I heard some heavy breathing. First, I thought I was just imagining it. But I kept hearing the sound as though someone was sleeping right next to me,” she relates, adding, “At that time there was only one more member from the crew who was put up in the hotel, but his room was far away. The rest of the unit members were shooting at a location far away from the hotel.”
After some time the breathing became louder scaring Mreenal even more! Mreenal ran out of her room. She approached the reception area and narrated the whole incident to them.
No one believed her story and thought that may be due to stress, she felt that way. When she told the entire story to the crew of the show they too laughed at her and made fun. “After another day’s shoot I came back to Mumbai. Though I’m a brave girl and have stayed alone all my life, this spooky incident will always remain in my mind,” she says. Guess Mreenal’s not gonna be staying alone in lonely hotel rooms for a long time!

As I read the story, fear ran down my body. At least Mreenal was brave enough to get up and run out of the room. I would not have dared to take the bed sheet off me. I don't know how many of you believe in supernatural powers.

My friends had once told me few experiences in Vashi (Mumbai) home where we used to stay in our pre-exams leave to study in group.

It was midnight, around 3:00 in night.. She and my other friend were in different rooms. After some time, just to take break, she went to the gallery.
And saw a woman in night gown walking down the street going, away from her building. She was surprised. She called the other friend.

Pointing to the woman, she said "Look at that woman, what the hell is she doing on the street at 3 in night ?" As, she said that the woman turned back and looked at them.

These two girls were almost stoned. With fear. Wasting no time, they ran out that room, closed the door, locked the door.
And chanting God's name, pulled the bed sheet over and tried desperately to sleep.

I don't know whether my friend made the story up. Or maybe the woman could hear them clearly in the midnight silence.

But I agree that the Vashi streets are really haunting with the dogs always barking, they grow worse in rainy season when there's no electricity and haunting sounds of rain and thunders and lightning.

We always try to teach our mind that nothing like ghosts, spirits exist. But just imagine, you are alone in a room. And in the middle of the night you hear somebody calling your name .... what will you do ?


  1. Wow! I don't know.
    I'll start praying I think, and if I'm alone, then I'll make sure I walk out, leave and find someone. I don't have the courage to face a ghost/spirit alone. Someone told me some ghosts are good and some are bad.

  2. yea...there are different stories...but it's good to hear that even ghosts are good. In that case, even if we happen to see one, we can expect it to be good one...hehe

  3. haha, yeah, start praying to God that let the ghost be the good one :D


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