Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A new start !!

I have always wanted to have a Blog of my own… I have been reading other blogs but when it comes to writing down what’s on my mind I am dead blank. This is a fair chance I want to give myself. Let’s try it !! has been my slogan and driving force. So lets try this too..maybe the memories you write down now may bring a smile years after when you read them again.

There are lot of things that catches my interest… Art, Politics, Music, Movies, Books, Nature travel and Wildlife Documentaries but above all these I am more fascinated by Photography and People. The latter two can take me to a different world ..a world of perception, deep thoughts, questions, answers, imagination. So mostly I would be writing about photography and people and my experiences in this crazy world or the crazy me ;)


  1. Lately I've been on a clicking madness and needless to say how I found my way here.

    Just had to drop in a line and somehow 'this' felt a promising one.


  2. Crazy you? Impossible. You're so sweet!

  3. hehe..thanks family has some different views :)


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