Monday, January 19, 2009

In Search of Love

It was her birthday. They finished the desert. He’d love it. “Anything special today?” he asked. She didn’t reply. “Lets go for a walk”, she whispered enough for him to hear. She knew the answer. She had asked this question many times before just to hear No. He always had enough work. But to her surprise, he didn’t refuse. She couldn’t believe her ears. She quickly wore her sandals and was ready with the key. She wanted to hurry before he changed his plans. They locked the door and got into their BMW.

Gauri and Shreyas had married four months ago. Apart from the first month of marriage, she could hardly recollect when they have spent time together. He was always busy with work and she was left to do the shopping and parties, which was never important to her.

She had no idea where they were heading. But she didn’t care. She always wanted to be with him. And there they were together. Nothing was more important. He was talking and she kept looking at him, still couldn’t believe. The car stopped. He hurried to open her door. They were near a beach and she could hear soft sounds of the waves. They kept walking towards the shore. There was no one around. It was almost 11.00 pm.

He kept talking. She had not uttered a word. “Will you have an ice-cream?” he asked. She didn’t answer. She was looking in the darkness, thinking about something. He snapped his fingers. She smiled. Nodding, she pointed towards the waters. It was pitch dark at the horizon. The streetlights were dim enough to see only two to three rows of waves hitting the shore. She looked around. The beach was deserted. Nobody around. In far end, she could see a shop, which looked more like a hut, with the lights on. Should be the ice-cream shop. The people were hurrying to close down. Then, It would be just him and her. She took a deep breath.
They had reached the waters. She could feel the cold water. The sand was very soft and her foot almost sinking in. He took her hand. They kept walking without a word. He bent down to her ears, and whispered “Happy Birthday”. She looked at him. She was smiling. He could see the happiness on her face. Her eyes were twinkling. He knew it was a perfect gift for her.


  1. hey...i've been through some of your posts in 'piece of writing'. they are pretty good. looks like you got a talent for writing short stories...consider writing a short-story novel sometime.My only complaint in 'The Big Mistake of her life'...the psychos name is the same mine :-(
    cheers ! :-)

  2. So are the one who's bothering my protagonist.
    :D just kidding.
    Thanks for those words of encouragement.
    Will try to keep posting good stories.

    I'll think of your suggestion of writing a shot story novel.
    keep visiting my blog.

  3. superb.... romantic..

    u might gone thru this kind of situations ;-)

    keep it up


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