Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Journey !!

When we think about Mumbai, the very first thing that flashes on mind is the Local Train.It's a fast life here. And believe me, many schedule their day plans depending on the train timings. Like I always catch 8.25 am train from my station. And while returning i try to get the 6.30 pm local.This has become a part of my daily life. I am lucky that i live in the city and not in the suburbs, which is opposite to the direction in which the crowd is travelling.This excuses me from the deadly crowded trains with people hanging out from the doors.Some by force and some by choice.
When I look these over-crammed trains with one or two hanging out (ladies too) while waiting for my train to arrive, i get jitters ..and pray at the same time for their safety..If i fear the most after ghost or spirits(Im damn sure there's nothing like that in the world, but who knows), its the crammed Mumbai trains.

But the trains are also a rich source for those who are keen observant. You come across all sorts of people, rich, poor, typical government servants, typical IT guys, Engineering students, kids, mothers, vendors etc etc. The list is endless. I travel in ladies compartment so my experiences are limited to these.
But I am damn sure that the most interesting incidents happens in a 2nd Class ladies compartment. And after certain time, you find most of the faces in your compartment familiar. Many of my friends have train friends. Isn't that interesting ?

The most funny incident that happened to me in the train is the fight between two ladies.All the seats were occupied but it was not crowded as such. One lady was sitting in the third seat. As you know, Indians always have a space for one extra.
This lady just got in at Sion station and sat in the forth seat.I heard some noise, and we all started looking in the direction from where it was coming just to see these two ladies quarreling with each other making hard efforts to raise voice over the other. Other ladies tried to calm them but with in vain.Suddenly the fourth seat lady started pulling the other ladies hair. Now this site was something we don't see everyday. Two women fighting like kids.The woman cried in pain. To save herself, she bit hard to the other woman's hand. And there it was started.
It grew worse, slapping biting. We were laughing like hell. Nobody dared to stop them. Later somehow they calmed down. Maybe got fatigued out. Some woman seprated them.
Oh! Those scenes still flash in my memory..I can never forget it.

Many funny and some interesting things keep happening in trains. Could be an entire new topic for blogging. I'll try to compile my train experiences some day.

Till then, travel safe ;)


  1. Haha! Two ladies fighting on the train? Damn, I missed this.
    You are right it scares me as well when I catch anyone falling, getting hurt or anything. Be it a random stranger I'm terrified for them and to catch people standing on the edge due to crammed trains is scary. I was just reminded of the sight of people standing in trains after I read your post.

  2. This is India girl.....anything can happen in India :)


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