Friday, January 16, 2009

Advertisements that rock !

I was having dinner, like always with family, enjoying the tasty food that mommy had prepared.
She was always the best and nobody can match her in kitchen. Yes, I can bet on her.

The TV was on and some daily soap was on air. These serials were always more of fun and victim of our criticism. I and my sisters always have a good laugh at them.
It's said that if you take off your anger on something, you feel relieved and light.
But we never ever watched K series even for fun or criticism. They always arouse anger.

We were chatting when some ad went on. "Instead of wasting on ad, why don't these companies reduce the price ?", my mother questioned.
Being the so called Home Minister, she was worried about the inflation. We are quite well financially. But like every other Indian house-wife, it was her right and privilege to complain about the prices of groceries and household things going up. It is always a topic of discussion for mom and dad, while we just turn deaf ear to them. Maybe we would be in their shoes in future whining with same reasons.

I went for her question. "Its their food !! For survival, they need to advertise. Otherwise, how will you come to know about them ?". She tried to think something but didn't find an answer. And went for the next bite.

Relishing the food, we discussed the best ads we had seen.

We awarded the Most funny and striking ad to the Orbit chewing gum, the protagonist Mr Bhatavdekar is too funny to forget.
Other Orbit ads are also equally good.

Then Cadbury Dairy milk's ad series also have been very good and always have been perfect in hitting the cord.
Not to forget the Fevicol ads. Too good.

Nokia and Airtel also tried to connect to people with the music, quite successfull in their attempt.

I came accross this ad accidently. Just touched me. They have tried successfully to epitomize the emotions.
Cheers beer ad. Have a look.

Hope we keep seeing intelligent ads in future !!


  1. K-series is seriously annoying! Drives me mad as well.


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