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A to Z Challenge 2017

A to Z Blogging Challenge

I have been on and off my blog. But for the month of April, I pledge I will write every day. I thought about what would I write. A number of themes crossed my mind. Movies, Poetry, Art etc. But finally today I have decided, my theme would be Characters

Every day in the month of April, I will pick a character from a Book or Movie and write about him/her/it - what was interesting, funny etc about them.

To know more about A to Z Challenge, visit - A to Z Page


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Trip to Himachal trip [Shimla - Kinnaur - Manali]

This trip was originally planned last year, but due to sudden cloudburst in Uttarkhand and Himachal, with heavy heart I had to cancel our plan. After a long wait of a year finally our plan to visit beautiful Himalayas finally got realised this March (March is end of winter).I have put down my itinerary. I know it looks quite elaborate but my idea was to record everything I have seen, heard and felt. Here’s the first part.17th March’14 - Mumbai – Pashim express – When I planned our trip, we were not sure of the dates and the delay landed us in sleeper class coach. I need not say how much we suffered as we boarded the heated train from Mumbai. The nights were better though and the prospect for cooler coming days gave us the strength.18th March’14 - Shimla
Once we reached Chandigarh, we met Mr. Vinkal Handa whose car we had booked, and started our journey to Shimla. We had suffered enough in train and were desperately waiting for the cool Shimla breeze. But as our car crossed the borders …

Kankavli trip (Konkan Maharashtra)

Last weekend I happened to visit a beautiful place in Konkan belt of Maharashtra, a village called Kankavli.  There are number of trains that leave from Mumbai CST, we took the overnight sleeper ‘Kokan Kanya’. It was the first time I entered an express train, so everything was first time and also amusing for me. The passengers in the train talked to us as if we knew each other for years. One after another came the vendors calling out their merchandise, bhajiya, chicken biryani, veg biryani and also bread omlet. We bought tea :)After some talks with fellow passengers, when the clock showed 12, everyone pulled bed-sheets out of their bags. I climbed to the uppermost berth. I stuck to the wall, dad looking confused, asked me ‘You won’t roll down, right ?’ I smiled and hoped I won’t :) When I got up the next morning, fortunately one piece, as I looked out of the door, I couldn’t believe how beautiful this earth could look. Thought of sharing the pics :)Following  are few pics that I click…

SSY Retreat : Love your Life

This blog was dormant for a long time and now that I am back, what a wonderful thing I have to share. It all started with my friend Hema, who had done a program with Siddha Samadhi Yoga(SSY) three years back. She told me that SSY has another program called Silence camp planned in coming week. It didn’t took me long to say yes.The JourneyWe started from Worli by bus and destination was Rishi Gurukulam at Katarkhadak, Pune. With us were couples, friends and families, families with young kids. We had our introduction in the bus, played antakshari, sang along. I didn’t knew what the program schedule was but I knew that it would be fun with all these people. The start was good. And it got better when we stopped after crossing main Pune city. It was a surprise when Chiragji & Chandanji (our mentor/Guruji) told us to get ready for a bath in river. I looked at Hema with an expression, Are they kidding? I'd never stepped in water above knee. And from a long time, I had this big wish in…