Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thy belief gives strength

Few days back, I found an old friend online. It's more than two years years since we met. So we had a lot to talk about.

Old memories were revived, all smiles and laugh, and then all of a sudden, she asked Do you believe in god ? I was surprised, What kind of question is that ? Off course I do. I am a firm believer in god. But Why this question out of nothing? I asked. Nothing, actually past few months many things happened in my life, so now I really doubt if god really exist. I was more than shocked. I had never seen her so low. Once lively and straight-forward, I remember how we used to sit and chat long in tea break, we were never short of stories.

But when she said that, probably I understood what she really meant. From past several months she is staying alone in US for a job assignment and faced few problems there. Few months back when I too was at onsite in Europe, there were times when I too felt a bit lonely and disturbed. I had shared my thoughts with her, and she had consoled me. Well later I kept my mind busy in things and rescued myself. But at that point one thing that helped me was spirituality.

In bad times when many find solace in prayers, there are some who loose belief in God. I think that during bad times nothing could be more dangerous than losing faith. All we look for is a support and prayers can give us strength and a moral support that save us from breaking down.

And when you pray to God, somehow you get that unknown feeling that He will make things fine. And yes HE WILL MAKE THINGS FINE.


  1. Faith in God can be a big support when one is feeling low. I remember childhood days when my faith in God helped me tide over many difficult days, but since then I am more often than not, now resigned to my destiny and do not actively pray to God to intervene on my behalf.

  2. @Namita
    you are right in one way. Whats written in our fate will happen anyways, but praying doesn't mean asking for something. Just standing before God and thanking for all we have is enough.

  3. "A man can change his destiny until his destiny is revealed to him."

    This is a quote from the movie called 'The Last Samurai'. But this quote summarizes everything about theist, atheist, faithful and faithless.

    What is meant by belief in god or any higher self? Does it means praying all the time and expecting him or her to correct the things. Or does it means to go to temple everyday which makes you faithful.

    Many times I find treading a fine line between belief is god and questioning his or hers very existence. Many times things are such that you end up questioning the very existence of god. But many times you just can't stop thanking him.

    Whatever might there be, whether god exists or not, one thing I know is for sure, One must believe in himself or herself more than anything anything else. Rest will happen.

  4. @Tarun
    Yes, you are right. After all we are humans, and emotion is our weak point. So happiness and trouble do overwhelms us.

    Belief in God is a faith that there is a supreme power.

    It doesn't mean praying all the time and expecting Him to correct the things. Nor does it mean to go to temple everyday. I never do any of this still I have faith. I know there is God.
    But still some do all of these, but I will not say that that's just pretentious or fanatical. Coz it's their way of worshiping.

    Destiny is different than worshiping as far as faith is concerned. What I mean is that if I worship day and night I cant expect that my fate should brighten. It may or may not. As you said, I just have to do my part, rest He will take care.

    Actually when we start expecting things from others, that's when the problem begins, be it with God or anyone in our life.

    Good to see your comments, they are always very thoughtful :)

    btw, hows your health now ?

  5. Yeah...I had a friend in school. When we were in the 5th standard, his family shifted to Canada for some years. I guess things didn't go well, and they came back to India 2 years later. I never understood what happened, but my friend started saying " Yeah i don't believe in God any more". We tried to make him talk, but to no avail.
    I've often seen such things happen..people suddenly stop believing. The problem is, it is actually we who have need to believe in something, and not really the object of faith that needs our faith !

  6. @whiteopal
    Yes, it's shocking and it hurts that we can't do anything to help..

    Yes, maybe the situation is so worse, that we can't empathize ?

    One reacts different in a situation that he thinks we will otherwise, human behavior.


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